38th Annual Conference of
International Association of Trichologists IAT

November, 11th and 12th, Buenos Aires

Maimónides University | Hidalgo 775, Cap. Fed. | 8am to 6pm

Scientific Program

New concepts in Trichology: professional interdisciplinary
Colouring hair fiber: understanding its chemistry.
Ethnic hair differences
Smoothed hair: chemical reactions. What is permitted and what is forbidden.
Mercosur Regulations.
Nutrigenómica: la base del cabello saludable
Balanced nutrition interaction with healthy hair and scalp.
Visagism: as a global trend. The beauty of peolpe as a whole.
Camouflage therapies in hair loss.
Different surgical techniques to treat already installed alopecia.
Phyto-ingredients and other natural products, Phyto hair cosmetics.
Epigenetics: a new science and its relationship with Trichology.
Advances of Science in Trichology field: The gut-brain-skin axis. Experience in USA.

Psychology of people with hair growth disorders.
Craneo - Facial -Reflexology. Experiences in España y Argentina.
Laser-therapy for hair growth. Experience in Brazil.
Platelet Rich Plasma: background and experience Argentina.
Integral Anamnesis in patients with hair disorders.
Hair Technical Evaluation through Trichogram and Tricoscopy.
Biochemical studies recommended for preliminary study of hair changes.
Anemia and its influence on the health of hair.
Hormones Influence on hair growth patterns.
Body changes during menopause and perimenopause. Expression in the hair.
Trichology and Sports: physic stress and hair disorders.
Hair care products.
Nits and lice, understanding their biology and ecology to improve treatment in salon and office.
Adverse effects of drugs on hair growth