38th Annual Conference of
International Association of Trichologists IAT

November, 11th and 12th, Buenos Aires

Maimónides University | Hidalgo 775, Cap. Fed. | 8am to 6pm

Dear friends:

On behalf of this Organizing Committee, it is a great pleasure to invite you to the 2nd International Congress of Trichology: Hair Science, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 11 and 12 November 2013.

Our desire is to share with you the biggest interdisciplinary event on hair care and knowledge.

Your participation is an excellent opportunity as we also celebrate the 38th Annual Conference of International Association of Trichologists - IAT.

During both days, national and international speakers will present their research works and treatments in hair care. We will share this meeting with Physicians of various specialties, Biochemists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Certified Trichologists, Cosmetic Chemists, Hair Therapists, Aestheticians, Visagistes and Hairdressers. They will all provide their invaluable knowledge on hair from their vision and experiences.

The planning and development of the scientific-technical program will be innovative, creative and very inspiring for all participants. While developing the agenda, hair scientific research will be connecting with the art of hair styling being provided by leading hairdressers. This experience will originally expand hair-care knowledge.

Attendance at various conferences will improve our approach in preventing, correction and treatment of hair and scalp disorders, helpful for experts in their fields. This will give strong tools for the understanding of the importance of interdisciplinarity in Trichology.

We welcome research group contributions and presentations within the hair cosmetic industry.

The exchange of ideas will have a major impact on future strategies for the definition and implementation of new directions in research and development of diagnostics, treatments and products for hair health.

Looking foward to meeting you in Argentina


Miguel Cisterna