38th Annual Conference of
International Association of Trichologists IAT

November, 11th and 12th, Buenos Aires

Maimónides University | Hidalgo 775, Cap. Fed. | 8am to 6pm

Closing Cocktail party

See you at Museo Evita, Lafinur 2988, Buenos Aires.

Of great beauty and refinement, the Evita Museum has a history. Petit hotel is a ground floor and two floors Carabassa built by the family in the first decade of the twentieth century and then by the architect involved in recycling Estanislao Pirovano that combines elements of Spanish and Italian Renaissance in its three levels and tower. On a tour of the permanent exhibition thirteen that comprise the Evita Museum, visitors can learn the history of Eva Duarte. Her childhood, her youth as an actress, her life as first lady alongside Juan Domingo Peron, the struggle for women's civil rights, social work developed in Evita Foundation, renunciation and death. Is there about 400 original pieces including gowns, ball gowns, hats, their civic book (number 1), photos, publications and records of the time, filming, settings reminiscent transit home where today the Museum, a 1923 Andalusian patio, a car of the ancient city children, toys and a sewing machine that donated the Foundation. The Institute of Historical Research Eva Peron has a library, an auditorium with capacity for 90 people, a bar and restaurant with a separate entrance and a souvenir shop.